Worried about the safety of your data datascan

All businesses will be aware of the importance of keeping their data secure at all times.  Security will be high on the agenda that is why we invest in anti-virus software for our PC and Laptops.  In our buildings we install CCTV and specialist security access control systems on entrances.  We put strong passwords on PCs and limit access to sensitive information on our CRM systems.

Data Security

But then we leave paper files lying around on desks or in folders on shelves where anybody can access them.  That is where many businesses fail to uphold the high security standards that is now required with sensitive data.

There is almost no reason in the world to be retaining paper documents.   Revenue will accept digital copies of files, most modern offices prefer digital invoices and cloud storage is accessible and inexpensive to use.

Put a Secure Data Protocol in Place

It’s time to put the processes in place to keep your business information secure.  Our simple advice is to check what you currently have, destroy what you don’t need and then manage the rest of it in a secure way.

Secure your data Datascan

Make a checklist for each department and ask every team member to list out the data they hold in paper format. This could be client files, company documents, presentations, invoices or any document that they felt important to retain.  Collate all the information that they want to keep and categorise it to suit their needs.

Paper to Digital

All files can then be scanned professionally, without loss of any quality and returned in digital format.  The files will be uploaded to the CRM and the paper documents securely shredded.  Then when it comes to managing new data, all paper documents that arrive by post can be scanned weekly and uploaded to the CRM.   All data stored securely.

And another good habit for the team to develop is to ‘Think before you print’ – lessen the amount of paper generated and digitise the information.   For more information on the process and to find out about how Datascan helped in the digital journey of many Irish businesses, you can speak with our friendly team today.